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Strom has been a staple partner in the ABS Series, providing our rehydration protocol to our Pro-Am, Pro and Clash athletes. 100% Irish ran and owned, we look no further than Strom for our supplement needs. 

Using code ABS10 at checkout will save you 10% off your entire order. 



Prepare for the EXTREME pre workout experience! Rick decided it was time for a step up from the well renowned StimuMAX Black Edition.


This new blend takes your workouts to new heights with an infusion of the potent bitter orange extract.

Based on the feedback from our athletes this will take your workouts to the next level and become a staple for your heavy sessions.

Don't settle for ordinary. Go Extreme.

Serving Size: 1 scoop (13g)

Servings per Container: 30

Use code ABS10 to save 10% off all products.



A high molecular weight carbohydrate formula!

With a 4 ingredient panel and 50 serving tub this will keep you energised during those intense sessions!

Per serving (33g)
Palatinose - 25g
Citrulline Malate - 2g
Glycerol - 500mg
Electrolyte complex - 400mg

Use code ABS10 to save 10% off all products.



VelosiWHEY - a revolutionary protein blend comprising of 80% whey concentrate and 20% casein. 

VelosiWHEY goes the extra mile by adding lactase enzyme to aid lactose digestion, making it a gentle and easily digestible option for everyone. ​

What truly sets VelosiWHEY apart though is the inclusion of 2.4g of Velositol® per serving.​

Rick was one of the first ones in the UK to utilise this new and promising ingredient, and it has since been added to many different product formulas by other brands.

Use code ABS10 to save 10% off all products.



EssentialMAX goes beyond traditional EAAs by combining the power of essential amino acids with ActiGin, B vitamins, beta vulgaris, and essential electrolytes.


Each serving of EssentialMAX provides a carefully balanced blend of EAAs to fuel your muscles.

ActiGin (Senactiv), a cutting-edge ingredient allowing you to push through intense workouts with the inclusion of B vitamins and beta vulgaris to make it complete.


To replenish electrolytes lost during exercise, EssentialMAX includes essential minerals to support hydration.

Use code ABS10 to save 10% off all products.

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