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Please see below our FAQ's that may assist your queries.

Q: I've competed recently or before I'm due to compete at my next series event and I've qualified for the division above, what happens?

A: All sales are final and non-refundable or transferable.
If you have purchased a position for a division, and have aquired higher dots in the mean time, there is no gaurantee that you are promoted up a division, as we sell places with flight headcount calculated. 
If no position arises in the division higher, you will be a guest lifter at the original division you purchased. 

E.G, You purchased a division 1 ticket, you have competed since then and now qualify for Pro-AM. You are not automatically brought into this roster. You will be a guest lifter in Division 1 if no spaces become available.

Q: I've purchased a division spot for dots I don't currently have. 

A: All sales are final and non-refundable or transferable.
If you have purchased a ticket for a division that you don't have the required dots for, your position is forfeited and you will not be refunded. 

E.g Purchasing a Pro-Am position and not having the required dots for this Division. 

Q: What are the dots requirements?
Male Divisions

Division 2: 0.00 – 399.99 DOTS
Division 1: 400.00 – 459.99 DOTS
PRO – AM: 460.00 – Unlimited
PRO: 520.00 – Unlimited WILKS (INVITE ONLY) 
Clash of Titans: 950kg – Unlimited (INVITE ONLY) 

Reach Rumble: 1000kg – Unlimited (INVITE ONLY)

Female Divisions

Division 2: 0.00 – 339.99 DOTS
Division 1: 340.00 – 399.99 DOTS 

PRO – AM: 400.00 – Unlimited

PRO - 500.00 - Unlimited WILKS (INVITE ONLY)

Q: I've withdrew from a competition, what happens now?

A: Withdrawals can happen for a number of reason and we also don't like seeing them come through, as we want to see everyone have an amazing weekend of competing on the Series platform. With this scenario however, you are removed from the Flight roster and we hold a no refund or transfer policy with spaces. You will no longer receive ahtlete information emails for the intended competition. 

Q: Can I bring more than one coach with me in the warm up room?

A: We have a strict limit on two handlers or coaches to be with you in the warm up area/tunnel. As we take our lifters and crew members safety into consideration, we can't have a group of people in this area for a lifter. We sell a dual coach pass for each competition which is required if you have a handler/coach in the back room with you. 

Q: Where do I get these media packages I see on instagram after each competition?

A: are our long establish media coverage team, they offer pre orders only on competition media packages, so keep an eye on their website/socials. 

Q: How do I get early access to comps? they seem to sell out before they're released to the public. 

A: Volunteers of the series comps get preference on early release ticket sales, if you can't do this, we offer our Patronship program which one of the benefits includes early release sale to our competitions. You can read more here



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